Plane tickets

We bought plane tickets this past week, which brings us one step closer to Panama. The curious thing about plane tickets is that adding another stop can make the ticket cheaper. In this case, flying from Madison through Kansas City on the way to Panama saves us a couple hundred dollars. I had a similar experience with a ticket to New Orleans to give a talk next Monday, though in this case I’m just flying straight from St Louis. An always present danger in adding stops to an itinerary, other than adding to my carbon footprint (most of the fuel usage is used at takeoff), is that American Airlines has trouble running its planes on time which means that I end up missing too many connections. For the Panama trip, however, it was not possible to get a flight to Kansas City the morning that it leaves, which means I have to travel the night before. But I have to fly thru O’Hare, which means that I might be spending the nite in the O’Hare airport rather than MCI!

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