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Sausage fest

After watching Globe Trekker I can’t wait to get down to Panama.  Those sausages on a stick they were selling for 50 cents looked delicious.  Kinda like the hot dogs they sell on the street in Chicago except better and cheaper.  I don’t even care if they’re actually from Ecuador.

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Not enough time!

We are leaving so soon and yet there is so much left to do! We finished making fake lizards today and painted them outside in the freezing cold! Bio lab this semester is quite different from cell lab, to say the least. Looking at my planner, I’m getting really frustrated knowing all I have to get done and feeling like I don’t have enough time to do it all, or at least do it all well.
The potluck this past Wednesday was awesome. It was like a small glimpse of what living together for the next two months is going to be like. Not to mention, the food was fantastic! If we already get along so well, I can only imagine the number of inside jokes and stories we will acquire throughout the trip. For starters, ask Will to show you his mad mingling skills.
I have a feeling it’s going to be a long two weeks… but totally worth it. We’ll be there before we know it! 🙂

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Hours of reading and I’m still on page 75…

So as the whole Panama crew knows we have quite a bit of work to do this weekend and I’m stressing over the fact that in time restraints I produce low quality work… hmm, how to solve that problem… beats me.

Anyway, Dan, Audrey and I met up this morning to work on our bio project proposal and our temperature probe lizards. We had a blast and made some progress 🙂

Spring 2010 027

Spring 2010 042

Audrey's SP skills

More to come later 🙂


dreaming of warmer weather

After I walked home from campus the other day in the bitter Kirksville cold I thought to myself soon I will be out of this weather and in a warm sunny place. I compared temperatures, Kirksville was 13 degrees (feels like 4) and El Cope was 90! I am so excited, it is all I think about. I even dream about it, I had a dream I forgot to pack a bunch of stuff, let’s hope that doesn’t happen.
This week we had a pot luck with the class at Chad’s house. The food was delicious! I even tried something new that Will made called dal, an Indian lentil dish. Very spicy, I love spicy. I ended up staying pretty late chatting with everyone and listening to Chad’s crazy stories.
In class this week we had a linguistics professor talk to us about ESL. She gave us tips on ways to teach the students English without us needed to know Spanish. I still don’t quite understand how this works but she had a lot of experience with is and gave us lots of ideas. She said to use Spanish at little as possible which will be very easy for me since I know so little. The cool thing is I think this whole trip will improve my Spanish skills so maybe I will be able to make logical statements here and there.
My research project is moving along. Maeve and I got equipment from Dr. Gering on Friday. There was so much more stuff than we had expected. Who knew there were so many fancy tools for entomologists? This got me very excited for the field work!
Roughly 17 days left… CRAZY!

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Marc wouldn’t hurt a fly

When my girlfriend asked me about marc’s appearance today, I told her that he had a beard and a ponytail, and that he wore flannel tucked into faded blue jeans with black suspenders. She asked if he was the creepy guy on the bike that looked like he would hurt people. I said I didn’t think so, and that she might be thinking of Dr. Kelrick.


Howard Zinn

Historian Howard Zinn died yesterday.

Howard Zinn, a dangerous professor

Howard Zinn, a "dangerous" professor

Zinn was my hero, and why I became a historian.

I first encountered Zinn through his famous text A people’s history of the United States in college. Our professor had us do one of those stupid role playing games where I was Zinn and one of my classmates was Christopher Columbus. As Zinn, I was supposed to hold Columbus accountable for his crimes against humanity.

When all of my friends were taking off for grad school and I didn’t know what to do, my roommate suggested I write the historian I most admired for advice. That historian, of course, was Zinn, and amazingly he wrote back (I keep looking for the letter, but I can’t find it; I’m not sure what I did with it). His suggestion was that I say out on the streets making history rather than retreating into the Ivory Tower to study it. I’ve always rather regretted not following his advice.

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Potluck and paper

We had a potluck tonite, and the food was fabulous. Who knew people in this class were such good cooks? We really should do this more often. The only problem is that we have a paper due in class tomorrow and it is late now and I’m feeling too fuzzy to work on it. And I’m 2 hrs late on taking my Doxycycl so I’m probably going to get malaria as well….
The Potluck

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Back to normal…or not

Life is feeling a bit more back to normal this week…..stressful and overwhelming. We have a ton of papers to write and readings to do within the next two weeks. I’m used to my life revolving around my schoolwork and studying every spare moment, but this semester studying and schoolwork has taken on an entirely different meaning. I’m used to memorizing massive amounts of information and then taking a test over it. Now I’m reading and writing essays. I’m finding writing essays of this form a bit challenging, but I’m happy to be expanding my skills and perspective as a writer and just taking a different approach to learning. I really like the discipline of biology, but it’s nice to step outside of that for a while and take on a different perspective, way of thinking, writing, problem solving, etc. I went into this program seizing a cheap oppurtunity to study abroad and conduct some field research, but I’m already finding so much more that I am gaining.

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Trail Construction

I do a lot of mountain biking in my free time, so over the years I have become familiar with the Gateway Off-Road Cyclists (GORC). GORC is responsible for all the trail construction and maintenence in the greater St. Louis area. I contacted Bryan Adams, the president of the organization, and he gave me some information to mull over. I was thrilled to recieve such a speedy reply, and I think the information will prove extremely useful. Way to Go!

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What should I blog about?

This is only my second blog, but I already love to blog. Do you guys think I’m good at blogging? I always thought I’d make a good blogger. What makes someone a good blogger anyhow? What makes someone good at facebook? Maybe I’ll get it. Do you guys think I would be good at facebook? This isn’t really shit I think about, but I didn’t know what else to put this week. I’m doing research on crabs, the animal.