Panama: Week One

So, I am writing this while watching a Star Trek TNG episode and anticipating the spinach, artichoke calzone I will be making for dinner. ¬†If I seem distracted, those might be the reasons ūüôā

We talked about identity in class this week.  Our assignment was to graph our identity as a pie chart and write an essay reflecting on our identities.  I hated the pie chart part of the assignment.  I see identity as how we experience the world.  Each part, like being a student or a daughter or a history major, is not an individual piece of me separate and autonomous from all other parts.  Identity is like a telescope; each part is fully me, I am 100% a history major, 100% a daughter, 100% a Christian, etc.  My identity as one thing in no way diminishes my identity as another.

On other note, I plan to try blogging here for a while.  If word press gets too annoying, I will switch back to my other blog

Peace,  Hanna Faith

  1. #1 by Courtney on January 14, 2010 - 6:39 pm

    This has nothing to do with most of this post but I love Star Trek. Just fyi ūüėÄ

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