And in last place…

Oops, Week 1 and I’ve already procrastinated. I need to work on that.

Anyway, when reflecting on the past week and looking forward to Panama, I can’t stop thinking of adventure. Granted, this could be attributed to having just watched “The Hangover,” but I am truly so excited to do something crazy. And we will. (Hopefully nothing involving an unidentified tiger, wedding chapel or a stolen cop car, but you never know.)

It’s starting to sink in that everything about this semester is going to push us all so far out of our comfort zones, and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. I am thrilled that I don’t have to face another semester of sitting in a classroom inventing new ways to keep myself awake. Not that I don’t love school and learning, but I think I need to be reminded why I do, and where these 4 years of study could potentially lead me. I’m ready for some real-life application of what I’ve been learning.

In regards to what I’ve learned, I am happy to say that my geographical and historical understanding of Latin America is doubling with every class period. (I didn’t have much if any going into this semester, so I clearly have a ways to go.) Quite similarly, my knowledge of katydids is completely new and expanding and all I can say is, Andrea and I are so lucky to have Dr. Gering and his patience. Katydids are kind of his thing, and we have a lot to learn.

Finally, I am so glad that the identity pie chart was our first assignment for JINS. If there was ever a real-life application for this discussion, it is a JINS class of people of different backgrounds who will all end up living together for 8 weeks. If the kids on the Real World ever had to do an activity like this, much of the ridiculous drama could definitely be avoided. On that note, I am so excited to continue getting to know everyone, and to experience this crazy adventure together.

Thank goodness for these blogs, (I agree Andrea, very strange word), now we can document every detail of the excitement 🙂

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