I think I’ll call this one ‘Boots.’

This week has been really interesting! After getting into the swing of things and getting more deeply immersed in my studies I am getting all the more excited for Panama. I am really enjoying learning about the history of Latin America knowing that I will be going there soon. There is so much I never knew!!! It has made me start to ponder about all the other masses of knowledge that I am lacking!!
Progress on the creation of our lizards is going well and I learned how to solder this week… kinda. I feel like there is so so so much left to do before we leave and it’s stressing me out just a little as the homework seems to build up… all standing in the way of me getting to Panama! Better get them done;)!
As for the rest of life… I had an awesome time with Calli last night; we ate pizza and spent time with her friends. Today I went to Thousand Hills park with Kevyn and wore in my hiking boots a little more. I really like my boots, I believe I’m converted for life.. no more girly boot for the rain. They got nice and muddy and we had an amazing time enjoying the first rays of sunshine in what feels like weeks!! Now with Becca doing laundry… Better get back to my studies!

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