week 2

As we’re getting closer to our time of departure I’m thinking more and more about what this trip is going to mean to me.  I’m excited about the chance to explore another country, and meet another type of people. I’m also looking forward to being in another environment, and really being immersed in nature for such a long time.

Another factor of the trip that I’m excited about is getting some perspective.  It can be hard at times to put my life in to perspective, being in college the things that seem so important to my life now won’t be nearly as significant later on, especially compared to all the adventures I’m hoping I will have.  So that’s a big thing that I hope too get out of the trip, perspective.  I’m hoping the things that I spend way to much time thinking and worrying about will give way to thoughts of bigger possibilities for myself, and that I can let some of the things that I’ve currently been thinking about go.

I’m also excited about catching shrimp and crabs ….

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