Breakfast blog

Yep, I’m eating breakfast and it’s almost 11:00. I’m finding it really hard not to let myself sleep in on Tuesdays…

Anyways, as I munch on some yummy yogurt and granola and stare out at my sunny and snowy backyard, I keep trying to picture myself eating breakfast at the research station in Panama. No luck. I think my brain has accepted that I won’t know what it’s like until I get there, so lately all I can imagine is my face floating above some nondescript green rain forest. The only clue I did get this week was Dr. Gering’s recordings of katydid songs, so now I know what the rain forest will sound like while Andrea and I are exploring at night.

Oh well, I suppose I should direct my thoughts to something more productive. Especially considering this weekend it definitely hit me that our second week is over, and I have quite a lot to do. In addition to our History and JINS reading and the essays, I certainly have a lot of reading to do for the bio project to prepare our proposal and annotated bibliography. I am really excited about our recycling project, though it seems there is no real way to grasp what we’re facing until we arrive.

Besides the Panama stuff, I am currently trying to plan my summer before we leave. So if anyone has any suggestions for worthwhile things to do in the Seattle area, let me know! I plan to live with my cousin up there, but I should probably find something productive to do with my time 🙂 And lastly, I’ll be busy baking for the next 2 weeks because the Jewish student organization (Hillel) is having a Challah bread sale. So come by our table and order one if you’re curious. They’re really tasty!

OK, that’s my plug. I’ve decided to make this week very productive, so hopefully that actually happens. I’m excited to hear the rest of the discipline presentations today, and I’m definitely looking forward to our potluck tomorrow night! (Side note: I hope someone is actually bringing brownies, because I’ve been thinking about them all week. Thanks Marc.)

Good luck with everything, everyone!

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