Back to normal…or not

Life is feeling a bit more back to normal this week…..stressful and overwhelming. We have a ton of papers to write and readings to do within the next two weeks. I’m used to my life revolving around my schoolwork and studying every spare moment, but this semester studying and schoolwork has taken on an entirely different meaning. I’m used to memorizing massive amounts of information and then taking a test over it. Now I’m reading and writing essays. I’m finding writing essays of this form a bit challenging, but I’m happy to be expanding my skills and perspective as a writer and just taking a different approach to learning. I really like the discipline of biology, but it’s nice to step outside of that for a while and take on a different perspective,¬†way of thinking, writing, problem solving, etc. I went into this program seizing a cheap oppurtunity to study abroad and conduct some field research, but I’m already finding so much more that I am gaining.

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