dreaming of warmer weather

After I walked home from campus the other day in the bitter Kirksville cold I thought to myself soon I will be out of this weather and in a warm sunny place. I compared temperatures, Kirksville was 13 degrees (feels like 4) and El Cope was 90! I am so excited, it is all I think about. I even dream about it, I had a dream I forgot to pack a bunch of stuff, let’s hope that doesn’t happen.
This week we had a pot luck with the class at Chad’s house. The food was delicious! I even tried something new that Will made called dal, an Indian lentil dish. Very spicy, I love spicy. I ended up staying pretty late chatting with everyone and listening to Chad’s crazy stories.
In class this week we had a linguistics professor talk to us about ESL. She gave us tips on ways to teach the students English without us needed to know Spanish. I still don’t quite understand how this works but she had a lot of experience with is and gave us lots of ideas. She said to use Spanish at little as possible which will be very easy for me since I know so little. The cool thing is I think this whole trip will improve my Spanish skills so maybe I will be able to make logical statements here and there.
My research project is moving along. Maeve and I got equipment from Dr. Gering on Friday. There was so much more stuff than we had expected. Who knew there were so many fancy tools for entomologists? This got me very excited for the field work!
Roughly 17 days left… CRAZY!

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