Procrastinating writing my paper, I discovered blog-stalking (a distant cousin of facebook stalking). During my aimless meanderings through blog after blog I discovered a few things:
1.Marc’s brain works in an even more chaotic manner than I had previously given him credit for.
2. Ethan with a ponytail would give him a whole new identity regardless- it would take up at least a fourth of a pie.
3. Rebecca might not be as fond of our workout as I am.
4. Lizard obtaining will be even more fun than I first imagined seeing as Dan engages in deep philosophical questions with dinosaurs (See Dan’s blog, pg#?).
4. I’m going to Panama with some really awesome people… A half hour discussion on bathroom habits today in class lead me to a similar conclusion.

This week has been.. a month of life all fit into seven tiny days. Homework, research, doctors with needles, reading, headaches, not enough sleep, confusion, a paper that is better then my last (stay tuned to see how grades change my view on this matter), dinner with a good friend, no dinner at all, hot tea coffee coffee coffee hot chocolate hot tea coffee hot tea (I’m tired of the cold- good thing I get to skip out on the remainder of winter), and the realization that I am leaving in 12 days and there are people here who I will miss. But I’ll get over it fast enough! Just put me in a tropical forest with countless lizards and all my worries will float away! – Minus (im told) those bathroom habits, which are apparently unavoidable.

A certain Dr. Chad Montgomery taught me how to think like a biologist/psychologist-trying-to-be-a-historian the correct way. Apparently I should think of all these reading as my raw data and these papers as my experiment. The longer explanation was much more helpful- anyone struggling with this newly assigned discipline feel free to ask.

Its back to books and proposals for me! 🙂

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