The Pressure is on…

So were are 11.7 days away from heading to Panama. I’m so excited about being on foreign soil. Everything is going to be different than what I’m used to, but I’m sure it will also be surprisingly the same. For a biology major, I didn’t expect to be so interested in the Kuna culture, but I’m really excited to start my book for my presentation on Kuna. The book is called Chiefs, Scribes, and Ethnographers: Kuna Culture from the Inside Out. (Grandma I think you should read this with me and we’ll talk about it when I get home!) It will be awesome to have read a book about the culture and then to have an experience with the culture first hand! As for right now, I’m procrastinating on writing my Eduardo Galeano paper over Open Veins of Latin America because I just don’t feel strongly enough about any of my thesis topics thus far. I’m hoping that tomorrow will be an enlightening day for it though. I’m meeting with Douglas Brown of the Kirksville Housing Authority about impoverished, low income and elderly residents that would qualify under my Handyman Service-Learning project that I’m working on with Nicole Merrit. I think it will be interesting to do a comparitive analysis of sorts after speaking with Douglas. As for the rest of the night, I’m going to blog for my service-learning project also, and I’m going to restart the Peter Wade book, Race and Ethnicity in Latin America. I started reading it before the semester started, but have since put it aside for other readings.

Cool things are happening this weekend! Tomorrow night is TrumanLive, Truman’s own talent show and University Swingers is performing as the opening act. I’m slightly concerned though as tonight at rehearsal I got punched in the eye accidentally with a fist by my partner- let’s hope tomorrow goes a little better, shall we? Then Saturday we are performing for the half time show for a La Plata basketball competition that has been going on all week. That should be fun as well!

I’ve been way exhausted this week, partially from lack of sleep, partially from an intense physical weekend last weekend! 14 hours of dancing last weekend wore me out, then on Tuesday I let Aud lead me in a workout. Which would have been fine, but when we started running sprints- they felt great! Until it felt like my quads were going to explode. The have been as tight as…[fill in the blank yourself]. (I couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t come off sounding downright dirty, Grandma, I apologize).

Time for popcorn and a good old book on Race and Ethnicity…

  1. #1 by Sherry Dinges on February 24, 2010 - 11:35 am

    I am going to the library website to see if they have the book you mention about Kona culture and will be happy to try to keep up with the information and your knowledge and look forward to discussions on this subject. If the library doesn’t have the book, I will search through Amazon to see if they have a reasonably priced edition. Sorry it has taken so long for me to read all the entries on your blog, but I am catching up. Hope you aren’t having any further problems with sore quads in Panama. Just finished laundry and house cleaing (yippee) and am now going to give everyone lunch treats (critters favorite time next to breakfast and dinner:)) and since I work all day tomorrow my lunch in my “little red lunchbag”. Sure you remember that! LOL

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