Since it’s late/too early, I only really have a couple things to say.

  • I’m glad our 2 most recent papers are done, and they went pretty well for me.
  • I don’t think Marc should encourage Che-like behavior to any of us, for our own group living enjoyment…at least when it comes to personal hygiene.
  • It was frigid today. Pretty snow, though.
  • I found out one of my friends from home who attends UCLA is being investigated for supposedly stealing a cow and transporting across state lines, just because he’s from Kansas. A fraternity prank gone wrong, or something. (The cow is fine, by the way.)
  • We saw over half of the Panamaistas at the library tonight.
  • Andrea got splashed in the face by a leak in the Pickler computer lab ceiling for hours as we worked on our proposal. It stopped as soon as they announced closing time.
  • In a less-than-productive moment we found a youtube video of a katydid in Panama almost a large as a gardening trowel. Must have been a little slap-happy because nobody else seemed quite as impressed by our discovery.
  • In an even lesser-productive moment, we pondered the meaning of ‘fry basket’ with Nancy and Ethan. Not sure a conclusion was reached.
  • Apparently I can be long-winded, even in bullet form.

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