a little behind

So this is ridiculously late but better late that never.  Lets see last week was a long time but I will do my best.

We have email Julie about our recycling project to see if we could get some feedback on how the commuity feels about a recycling project.  We have not heard back from her yet but I assume that even if we did that we would not be able to plan much before we get there.  We could come up with a plan that will mean nothing when we get there because we have no idea what it will be like. So the plan for now is to just get down there and meet with the high school group that started the program and other people that would be interested in expanding the program.  As for JINS there is still a lot to do for that.  Books to read, papers to write.  But we are almost through with that.  As much as I did not like all of the reading and writing assignments I realize now why it had to be like that, and it makes me more excited that we will be able to enjoy are time while we are down there.  I think I will finish this on my blog that is actually due for this week. peace. love. panama.

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