I’m off!

Ahh, ok, I think I’m ready…maybe?

So packing took forever and I stayed up really late last night trying to cram everything in, turns out I needed to start completely over this morning to get it right. Oh well. Everything I need (hopefully) fit into my duffle and backpack that I’m checking. I was hoping to have a small carry-on, but between my laptop and Gering’s recording equipment, I needed a larger bag.

I’m off in about a half hour to KC with the fam for a Valentines dinner (hopefully we find a restaurant not booked) and my last night in the US in a hotel. ┬áLeaving Kirksville was harder than I thought, especially since I left Thursday when all my friends were still in class. I can’t wait/am slightly anxious to finally ┬áleave, but I know we are about to have the time of our lives!

I hope everyone (including Marc and Herman) has a smooth travel day, and see you all in Panama City!!!!

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