My Spanish is terrible

Yesterday I went with Macedonio (our Panamanian helper) to go see a drainage on the Pacific side of the divide for my study.  He speaks zero English, and the only Spanish I know is what I´ve picked up on the past 6 days, so it was interesting.  Latin Americans are blunt.  Several times he told me I spoke terribly and needed to practice my Spanish.  I inferred that the word ¨hablo¨ meant to know, since no hablo espanol means I dont know Spanish.  So I progressed to tell him all the words I know in spanish… hablo barba, hablo rana, hablo rio, etc. Little did i know that i was actually saying, ¨I speak frog, I speak beard, I speak river.¨  Now he probably thinks I´m a crazy American hippie.

on another note, i won the contest and am already up to two showers.

while we were sifting through leaf litter macedonio threw aside what appeared to be a stick.  on closer examination i found it to be a small brown lizard, approx 4 or 5 inches long.  i thought it was dead, since it was stiff and unmoving, so i took its picture on a rock.  when i set him down, though, he scurried away.  I took the picture back to Chad, who said it was from a genus of lizards that lives in the leaf litter and is likely an undescribed species, which is kind of cool.  I´ll be going back next week to collect more samples, and I´m going to see if I can capture a couple and bring them back to LaMica for closer inspection.

Today its off to Kuna Yala to see a unique indigenous community for the next 5 days.  Google it.

We have begun assuming alternate personas while on the latrine.  I am Tony Romo, for my blue and white tshirt.  Ethan is Bruce Willis, and Chris is Al Pacino.  Will is Maverick.

Times up.  Peace.

  1. #1 by Greg on February 22, 2010 - 7:56 pm

    A good ice breaker would be

    Hay una fiesta en mis pantalones, y tu eres invitado.

    and “yo se” is “i know”, for future reference

    love you

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