primera semana

so this is the first week in panama but this is going to be a really rushed blog post.  not much time.  last time we were on the internet it was like 40 cents for two hours of internet so  it is pretty expensive as well so enjoy what  you get.

this is basically the coolest place that i have ever been.  everything is beautiful and green and i dont think that i am coming home, just so you know.  not much to complain about, i actually cant think of anything to complain about at the moment.  living at La MICA is definately a full body work out but it will be good.  the food is really good.  i think they got the hint that we like sweet food because they started bringing us sugary cookies and breads, popsicles and ice cream.  it is so hard to think of things that that we have done beause we have done so much already and it feels like we have been here for weeks instead of like three days.  so this is all you get for now but since this is supposed to be the post from last week i am going to do that one right now so go read that for more…

  1. #1 by shan on February 22, 2010 - 3:13 pm

    do i need to mail you my cup of laundry change to ensure you get on the internet more often? keep me posted.

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