krazy kunas

So much to say and so little time. Im at an internet café at a mall in Panama City and the clock is ticking while I try to write with this ghetto keyboard. Literally most of the letters are taped on and written in white out.
So, we went to Kuna Yala and stayed on a beautiful tiny island with palm trees and sand. It wasn’t really our own island it was more of a touristy place I guess but there were few other people there than us. We each got out own little tent to sleep in. The first day we took a boat to one of the Kuna islands and met their congress. It was actually really cool because the man we met was speaking in their kuna language and then Kunglur (marcs friend) translated it to Spanish and then marc translated it to Spanish for us. Then we walked around and bought molas and things from the indigenous people. We also got to go swimming for a couple hours and im pretty sure everyone of us got burnt. A little to close to the equator for our gringo skin. The next day we got on the boat again and they gave us a tour around the islands. This “tour” turned out to be a 4 hour boat ride in the mid-day sun with no commentary. Needless to say I was very hot, tired, and ready for land by the time we got back. The third h}day in Kuna was by far my favotie and a once in a lifetime experience. It was the Kuna peoples independence day which they celebrate every year. First they act out what happened in 1925 which was a little boring and drawn out for my liking but the party begins. They go into one of their building and the men and women are separated to each side. (They were very welcoming and let us participate). Then they do some ceremonial things, I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, some of the men were smoking something. Then comes the cheecha beer which is made from corn and coffee or something. They drink it from coconut bowls and you have to chug the whole thing at once and then they smoke a cigarette after they drink it. It was wild, the women were way crazier than the men and they loved their cheecha. Anyway it was crazy and fun times were had. I would love to write more but Im pretty much out of time. Sorry for any typos or grammar errors this keyboard is funky. Hopefully Ill write again soon!

  1. #1 by Vince on February 28, 2010 - 9:33 am

    Sounds like a good beach trip. Is cheecha the Natty Light of Kuna Yala? Love, Dad

  2. #2 by Mark & Sue Grelle on February 28, 2010 - 6:50 pm

    We are enjoying your reperts.
    What an adventure!
    Your report on cabin smells & bugs-did that remind you of the lake?
    Uncle Mark & Aunt Sue

  3. #3 by Aunt Kathy on March 4, 2010 - 2:15 pm

    Anything you drink out of a coconut shell sounds good to me! Is Cheecha something I drank in Kirksville for Parent’s Weekend? Sounds like lots of fun…be careful!!!!!

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