Quetzal bird in Panama

Quetzal bird in Panama

We’ve only been in Panama for a bit over 2 wks, but already it feels like a lifetime. I have had very little time and even less internet in Panama, so I haven’t been blogging like I thought I would be (and feel like I should be). But by this time a lot of memories are quickly disappearing into the past, and I probably won’t be able to capture them. The best thing to do is to read the blog posts from the students, which do a good job of capturing what we’ve done–the Carnaval in Panama City, the Omar Torrijos National Park, Penonome, Pintada, Kuna Yala, etc.

Right now I’m in Boquete in the province of Chiriqui on the Costa Rican border. This is one of the few places where the Quetzal bird lives, and we heard–and saw–a couple of them. I didn’t have a good enough camera to get a decent picture, but here is what I have. I have maybe close to a thousand other pictures by now, but little time to sort through them and even less access to the internet to upload them.

A couple of the boys are climbing the Baru volcano today, which is one of the main reasons I wanted to come to Boquete. But the hike on the Quetzal trail yesterday was long and exhausting, and I’m not ready to go out on another long hike again today–especially one that started at 4:30am. Maybe next time. Instead, I’m catching up on email and other related tasks. I supposed to have my review of Andolina, Lauri, and Radcliffe’s Indigenous Development in the Andes done by tomorrow, but I’ve had so little time that I’ve barely made it a couple pages in. Instead of playing tourist, I guess I should go do that instead.

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