gringas locas

A few days ago we started our first set of free days. While everyone back home in Kirksville is planning out their spring break activities I headed off to Boquette, Panama. With no real experience traveling without guidance, I was in for an adventure. Nancy, Kelly, Angie, Maeve, Denyse, and I tried out the public transportation. We caught a bus from El Cope to the entrada easily but catching a bus from there to David proved to be a difficult task. We ended up sitting at the bus stop on the Pan American Highway for 3 hours before getting a bus that wasnt already full. We were starting to get desperate and began making our own fun when a bus finally showed up and pulled over. We got on a double decker bus and made our way to the back accidently running into Cameron, Paul, and Ethan who also waited 3 hours for a bus while in Penome. We were all very exicited to see eachother adn travel together. Im pretty sure we annoyed everyone around us and Im suprised we made it all the way to Boquette. While in the David bus terminal we discovered the last bus to Boquette had already left and other bus drivers were trying to scam us telling us they would drive us for 70 dollars. Luckily we got away with a 36 dollar bus ride for the 9 of us although the actually bus ride seemed a bit sketchy. In my opinion, David looked like a skanky city. We arrived to Boquette around midnight and managed to find a cheap hostel to stay in. We are staying in this nice place called Hostel Mamallena which has internet and all you can eat pancakes all day the catch is you have to make them yourself. I have perfected my , vince would be proud. pancake skills Yesterday we took a bus to go to the hot spring which we never ended up going to. We saw a sign for them and began hiking up the trail and kept hiking and hiking and hiking. After hours we turned back around so we could catch the bus back and discovered that we missed the turn for it because it was not marked whatsoever. We had fun anyway… even though we had packed beer and wine instead of water on what ended up being about a 3 or 4 hour hike. whoops. Today we went on a zip line canopy tour. It was AMAZING! They trained us and then took us through 12 platforms. We got to zip line through the cloud forest and over beautiful waterfalls and rivers. The tour guides we super helpful and friendly and even invited us to party tonight haha. I think we are all planning on going out for a night on the town or what me and nancy like to call a chupata. Then we have to wake up early and catch a bus back to El Cope and back to work. But soon we will be leaving again for homestays in Santa Marta. Im nervous about that trip because they dont speak english and my spanish is very limited. Hopefully all goes well! Ill write again later!

  1. #1 by Greg on March 4, 2010 - 2:44 pm

    The zipline sounded awesome.

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