im going to move to panama when i get big

i feel like i have so much to talk about it has been so long and we have done so much since the last time i have blogged.  I guess i will start with Kuna Yala.  As you have probably heard from other blogs we basically stayed on our own island in the middle of the Carribbean Sea.  not something you do everyday.  it was so beautiful and ridiculously awesome.  we got there around 10 or so so we were able to swim in the ocean and hang out on the beach before we went to go visit with the congressmen.  i think that someone said that we were eight degrees from the equator, and we all got burnt.  silly gringos.  after some fun in the sun we went to the main island of Kuna Yala called Carti and met with the congressmen.  they just welcomed us to Kuna Yala and told us that this was our home as well.  we walked around the island for a while and looked and the crafts they had which seem to be every where that we go so it is hard to see what is really made by them.  we had molas shoved in our faces all day and ended up buying a couple.  the next couple of days were just a big celebration for their independence with reenactments and such, and the big chicha ceremony at the end which is one of the coolest experiences i have ever had.  after this not much happened and we just hung out and had a good time.  we left and went back to cope which was a little sad but it was good to be back for a few days before we had our free days.

tuesday around one we left for our free days.  we caught a bus out of cope that took us to the entrada that was right outside of cope.  we ended sitting at the entrada for THREE HOURS before we had a bus that was not full and stopped for us.  the bus that we finally got we a huge double decker awesome bus that paul ethan and cameron ended up being on.  it was so weird and awesome.  we ended up getting into David at about 10 or maybe after i am not too sure.  by the time that we got there the last bus to Boquete had already left and we were not sure what to do.  we had this guy that was going to take us on his bus for $70 for the nine of us which was absloutely ridiculous because that was about the price that we paid from cope to davie which was a 5 hour drive and the drive from david to boquete was only about an hour.  we ended up finding a bus that would take us for $36 for the nine of us which was still more than it would have been but much better than the other bus.  we got into boquete around 11 and finally found a hostel around 11:30.  the town is so cute and there is so much english speakers here it is so refreshing.  the next morning we decided that we wanted to hit up some hot springs which did not really work out.  we ended up hiking like an hour in the wrong direction and never actually did find the hot springs.  we know exactly where they are now but there was no way that we would have found them because there are literally no signs pointing to them.  it was still an adventure of a day that ended up being pretty fun.  today (thursday) we went on a cloud forest canopy tour.  easily the coolest thing that i have ever done in my life.  there were twelve ziplines that we went on the longest one being about 400 ft.  im not even really sure how to describe it. so i won’t but just know that you should probably do it at some point.  there were like ten guides with the six of us and they were all so nice.  we loved them.  the trip is coming to end which is very sad but when we get back to la mica we are headed out to santa marta on sunday, which is a city with no electricity and no english so we will see how that goes.  we will also be staying with families so hopefully my little spanish knowledge can get me by.  thats all i got for now!!

  1. #1 by Claire on March 5, 2010 - 12:30 pm

    Glad you are having the time of your life! Don’t forget to come home!!

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