Hump Days :)

So this marks the middle of our trip! I can´t believe we are halfway through already! So much to share and so little time. So I´ll try to highlight the big points of the trip and then share the details and photographs later when I´m home!

Earlier this week we took a Chiva to Santa Marta where we had our first home stay experience! I lived with Jackie Kinealy (my awesome Truman sister for the week) and a family with a dad- Jose, a mom- (don´t know how to spell her name off the top of my head), and a little sister- Yaribeth.  The whole extended family lived on one street! We had such a great time with the family. Loved the food, loved the fiesta, and loved the opportunity to grow in my spanish speaking and understanding capabilities.  During our stay we did three really awesome things:

On day one we hiked hours up a mountain to the place where General Omar Torrijos´ plane crashed! It was a physically demanding day but once we made it back it was so rewarding! We learned a lot about Omar and how the Panamanians view him in their history. Way cool 🙂

On day two we volunteered in our community. I taught english in a classroom full of spanish speaking children! So hard but so cool at the same time! I heard later that all the kids ran home with their notebooks of English words and shared them with their families. The families really wanted their children to learn from us! It was an amazing experience all on its own. I´d love to talk about it sometime!

On day 3 we hiked again to the waterfalls and hot springs around Santa Marta! It was my first waterfall experience and I couldn´t have been more pleased! The area was soo beautiful and the water so crisp and refreshing after our long hikes! We we able to dive in from the ledge of the waterfall because the pool was deep enough! So amazing 🙂 We all took lots of photos.

Our first dancing experience also took place in Marta! I can´t wait for the next one that is coming up in a week!

Trying to keep the world posted about our ventures but its harder than it sounds! Stay tuned 🙂

  1. #1 by Sherry Dinges on March 16, 2010 - 8:36 am

    You are so awesome, girl. All the pleasant experiences, beautiful scenery, interacting with the native cultures and doing your best to blend with their way of life is such a gift. Can’t wait to see the pictures and hear all about your trip. Ben was up here Sunday night and had dinner with Sue, Brad, Jess, Tim and I and he is so looking forward to having you able to get back to texting him. He is happy for you to have this experience and that you are learning so much about the native peoples, enjoying their way of life with them and giving so much of yourself to everyone down there but he misses your communications, too. He is a awesome person too and know that you miss your daily conversations with him. He will be coming back through St. Louis again on his home Easter week-end and wants to spend some time with your family. Tim told him about St. Louis Mills and how he went go-karting, rock climbing and lazar tagging there. Ben wants to go.

    Nothing new from my end except work (and a lot of it). Out of the next twelve days that I’m working; ten of them are 8 and 9 hours long. Good for the paycheck but it is taking a heavy toll on my physical body. Just trying to keep a good thought and concentrate on the goodness and several pieces of my mom’s good advice.

    Ben and I discussed your adventure on the hiking trail with the bus station that wasn’t where you thought it would be so your group continued to hike toward where your nose told you to go:) Gram always said that God looks out for fools and small children and we both agreed that y’all fit it that category somewhere. LOL He told me to be sure to pass that along to you.: He has such a great sense of humor and I can see why you both get along with one another so well..

    Hope to hear from you again soon about more of your adventures, but stay safe.

    Love you much, Gma

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