its hump day

today officially marks the half way mark of the trip.  feels like we have been here forever already.  thats  really all i have to say about that

We just got back from a trip to Santa Marta.  this is a small town that does not have electricity and does not want electricity.  we broke up into pairs and stayed with families in the community.  me and maeve shared a family and we were both a little nervous at first.  neither of us are all that great at spanish but  when we were trying to figure out what they were saying, if we both thought the same thing then we agreed that we were probably right.  the family that we stayed with was very quiet and shy.  they had two girls, 13 and 10.  there was some talking here and there but not much.  i think that it was about the thrid night that we were there is when we finally had a break through.  we pieced together a sentence saying that we wanted to learn some words in spanish and that was all it took.  they were  telling us about their garden and their religion and they sang for us and prayed with us and they were talking about sausage at one point i think.  seemed like they were holding it in.  i think that they did really like us though. at the end of the trip they gave us gifts and said that they were happy to have us there and that we were part of the family.

overall i just kind of felt proud about the trip.  i think that we had such a big impact on these families  which made us proud. i was proud of myself for climbing the mountain to see the plane. i was proud of the students that i taught english to when they were finally getting it.

i am out of time now but i have so much more to say. oh well im sure all of you reading this will get an ear full when i get back.  <i miss you all so much and i think its only about three weeks now that we have left here, thats nuts!!

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