Nini is the best pet monkey a boy could ever ask for

A lot to update.

A few weeks ago our class went on an excursion to Kuna Yala, a semiautonomous indigenous community on the Caribbean coast of Panama near Colombia.  It was fun seeing how other people lived, but I couldn´t help but feel like the whole thing was a bit of a performance.  Afterwords we went and briefly toured Panama City, and got to see some old churches as well as ruins of the colonial city.  We returned to La MICA and began working on our biology projects in earnest.  I have been getting frustrated with mine, as my Berlese funnels have not been very effective, and I think I may have to shift my project to something completely different.  There´s still time, but with over half the trip already in the books I have yet to collect a single piece of data.

After Kuna Yala we had a couple free days, so some people went out to Boquete in western Panama for a bit.  Will, Ethan, and I climbed to the highpoint of Panama, Volcan Baru, but unfortunately visibility was limited.  I keep hearing about how you can see both oceans from the peaks of the Central Cordillera, but we haven´t had a clear day at high elevation yet in Panama, so it´s hard to tell.

For about 4 days we spent time in Santa Marta, a small rural community a few miles east of El Cope.  Chris and I lived with a family in their home, and we got to play with the pet monkey.  We also hiked to the wreckage of Omar Torrijos´ plane from 1981, and to several beautiful waterfalls in the area.  All in all a very fulfilling trip.

Today is some of the nicest weather we´ve had- cool, clear, and breezy.

  1. #1 by Nate on March 16, 2010 - 11:14 pm

    I’ve never tried Burlese funnels, but they look pretty temperamental and tricky. Hope you get something soon.

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