almost to the end

hello all.  not to sure what to say in this one.  not too much has been going on.  im sure that there are a lot of things that i can tell you about but as usual i am short on time.  i guess the thing that i am most excited about is that on the 31st me and some other girls are going to Bocas del Toro for a little get away.  basically a tourist beach.  four days of doing absolutely  nothing sounds alright to me.  other than that there has been a lot of talk around camp about things/food that people are craving from home.  it keeps getting more and more intense becasue home is getting closer and closer.  the conversations usually end in someone saying shut the hell up you are making me hungry.  something along those lines.  speaking of food i am going to go grab some lunch now. seeeee yaa!!! 2 WEEKS LEFT!!! get ready for me!!

  1. #1 by Claire on March 23, 2010 - 4:06 pm

    Sorry that your adventure is coming to an end, but HAPPY you will be coming home!!!!

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