daily life in panama

I never know exactly what I should blog about but Aunt Reggie informed me she loves reading them so I am satisfied. We are in El Valle right now on a day trip, we are going to see a bit of the town and check out the amphibian center that is here. Since I don’t know what to blog about I´m just going to make a list of some regular activities for me in Panama
1. Going to the rocks. A little ways down from La Mica there are rocks in the sun along the river, I like to go there and relax in the sun with or book or my iPod. Life´s rough.
2. Taking naps, very enjoyable because we wake up so early here. Afternoon naps aren’t the best though because its hot and you wake up in pools of sweat… yum.
3. Hiking. Yesterday I climbed the mountain behind La Mica, there was beautiful views from up there.
4. Class. We do actually have class which usually consists of open discussions. I don’t have a lot more to say about this because class is class.
5. Talent show and birthday parties. We had a birthday party last Friday night and everyone certainly enjoyed themselves. We even had a piñata. Next weekend we have a talent show planned even though no one has any real talents that I´ve heard of. Some options I have been given so far is touching my tongue to my nose, doing the cyclone with Kelly, or blowing a snot rocket in unison with Paul’s fart. That’s talent for ya. Other talents I´ve heard of are getting low and reading excerpts from a self written trashy romance novel. Should be interesting.
6. Going to the park. I usually go at night because that’s when I can work on my project. It’s a little scary in a jungle at night but I´m getting used to it. Lions and tigers and bears Oh My!
7. Jon names. We all have been given celebrity “Jon names” which we use when were going to the bathroom (which we call the studio). We film movies down there, I´m Tara Reed. Don’t ask.
8. Bocas del Toro. I´m planning to use up my remaining free days on a trip to the islands of Bocas del Toro. I´m hoping to learn how to surf. Sand and sun here I come!
9. My future. The other night Angie, Nancy, Kelly, and I discussed our futures and we all have no idea what to do. Suggestions are welcome.
10. I can´t think of a ten but I hate to leave it at nine. I miss everyone and am excited to return. Peace.

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    I enjoy your posts too :).

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