Cocle is my number one team

i had a post written out already but i cannot seem to find it.  So i will tell you about the awesome baseball gam we went to instead.  Andrea, Nancy, Angie, Maeve, Ethan, Paul, Will, and I all went to Aguadulce last thrusday for the Colce v. Herrera baseball game.  Cocle is the province that we live in and apparently we are not too good so we were expecting to whooped by herrera who apparently wins like every year.  We get into Aguadulce and get a couple of hotel rooms for the eight of us.   four twin beds for the eight of us, you do the math.  after we got our rooms we took a taxi over to the stadium, which was more like a little league baseball field with a bunch of grown men playing on it.  we buy our tickets which were three dollars, outrageous i know.  we find some seats and proceed to buy the best hotdog that you will ever have.  they were huge first of all then they cover them in ketchup mustard mayo cheese and crunched up potato chips, all for $1.25.  what could be better.  i will tell you what could be better.  cocle is rippin home runs right and left and we end up beating herrera 10 to 6.  it was so awesome.  we were just as into it as the fans. we all bought cocle bandanas. the band came and sat with us and they let us play the drums which was awesome.  it was unlike any cards game that i have ever been to.  we could not stop smiling or moving to the music.

i was going to put up pictures today but with less than two weeks left you guys can just wait til i have free internet.  i havent really been taking that many because i am not used to having a camera but i can point you in the direction of some good pics

we are leaving for BOCAS on wendnesday!!! for five days for rest and relaxation.  you should probably google it and be jealous.

i reallly wish i would not have lost that blog post that i wrote earlier i dont really remember what it said, oh well.  i will have plenty of stories for you all once i get back.  which is in ten days by the way!! crazy.

  1. #1 by Vince on March 30, 2010 - 9:42 pm

    Andrea also told us about the great cerveza prices at the ballpark – imagine that! Keep an eye on her for me Kelly. Vince

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