What goes on around La MICA

A little bit about what goes on around La MICA.  Two of the most popular conversation topics are food and bathroom activity.  When it comes to food we are either talking about the lack there of, how great something was, or how awful something was.  Either all we do is sit around and eat non stop or there really is a lack of food.  We haven’t really got that figured out yet.  When I talk about something being really great to eat it is usually consists of a meal that has rice, beans/lentils, grilled cheese is always a huge hit, or like today we had pancakes and eggs for breakfast.  Simply wonderful. The really only something awful that I think that we have had was some overcooked, under flavored spaghetti.  Usually most things are bearable, but that was the one thing that I think every single person hated.  Another hot food topic is about all of the wonderful from home that we miss oh so much.  There has been a lot of talk lately about what will your first meal back be (which is something that I have already talked to my mom about).  I have decided that it is going to be quite the hard choice to make.  I want a meal that I love obviously, but I don’t want to have something that I love and have it make me sick and not be able to eat it ever again because of it.  This has to be a very thought out decision as you can tell.

The other hot topic, the bathroom, is always something that people are willing to talk about.  We have come up with a handy way of addressing each other better know as jon names.  These names have no meaning just a way of addressing one another while doing your business.  All of the names are names of actors and actresses.  We now call the two bathrooms Studio A and Studio B.  Going to the bathroom has now become known as filming a movie.  So say that for instance Andrea and me were going to the bathroom Tara Reid (her) and Bonnie Hunt (me) would be co starring in a movie.  Its pretty funny actually but I realized that after typing this all out for others to read it does not sound very funny at all and it is something that people either don’t want to read or don’t care about but this is my blog and I will write what I choose.

On the day to day.  Usually most people are up and running around 7:00.  This is not usually by choice.  It is more like there are 20 other people up and moving around in this tiny room being loud so you might as well get up too.  And if you wait too long to get up there is a good chance you might not get breakfast.  My main motivation.  Then after breakfast some people will head out to the park for their projects and everyone else just kind of sits around the table doing homework and reading and others go back to bed after being awake for a whole hour and a half.  I am guilty of this some days. Then lunch will come.  We eat again.  Some of us will decide to go down to the rocks.  This involves the intention of going down there to read and do homework but turns into laying out and napping in the sun.  So we come back when we see that dinner is on its way in. Eat. Shower. More homework. Sleep.  Repeat.  Basically our days revolve around food, at least that is what it sounds like, and homework and projects in between.  The sleep part of the night is one of the most interesting.  I climb up into my bed try and wipe off most of the dirt off my feet.  Get into bed and realize that my sheets are already coated in dirt from my feet (I brought white sheets, big mistake).  Then I will lay there for a little bit either just listening to music or trying to read when really I am just looking at all of the bugs but outside and INSIDE my mosquito net.  I have the top bunk right under the light.  Perfect.  I will usually lay there while I am trying to fall asleep just slapping myself trying to get bugs off of me.  Tons of fun.

I realized that after writing this blog post some of it sounds kind of negative but I really do love the time that I have here.  We have a little over two weeks left now I think and I think that I am just getting anxious to go home, but I am not necessarily ready to leave La MICA.  there are a lot of things that need fixing and improving, but we have adapted and learned to deal with them.  Everyone is still in high spirits about everything from what I can see and I think that leaving is going to be hard for most people.  We will be happy to go home but there will be things about La MICA that we will miss.

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