Welcome to America!! ~ Thanks Jill Hampton :)

So this is it! We have officially been home for exactly one week.  Back in the states! How does it feel you ask?

Try this…Bizarre. (Word of the week, possibly month)

Since I have been home I have had a much easier time adjusting than I expected.  I really enjoy missing the dirt water, but it hasn’t bothered me once that my sink keeps producing crystal clear H2O without too much effort on my part.  However, a few things have been a little odd lately- such as my cell phone.  Why does it seem so bizarre that it rings all the time?  It astounds me that there are actually people needing to communicate with me- I was so free of the chains that are my cell phone until I slept with it the other night and realized that people even want answers at 3 am… Lesson to be learned here, if you don’t want to gain an attachment, don’t sleep with the darn thing.  Okay but really I feel like my phone is encroaching on my independence- its like a controlling boyfriend.  I did miss it though 🙂 Glad to have you back phone.

Other things about life- Aud and I are eating great and everything in our fridge is something we would actually eat. What a luxory! Made a roast last night for dinner, that went over well 🙂 Plus there are leftovers for later this week. Pretty awesome! Missed cooking for myself 🙂

Having a few withdrawals from Panama so the last two/three ish nights I’ve slept in my hammock in my room.  Don’t ask me why because I didn’t sleep in one while there, but it feels great…

Nerves are killing me, giving a speech for elections in 7 minutes time to flee from the library and mentally prep for whats to come!

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