So these are the funny memories, quotes, and inside jokes from the trip that I can remember (this will probably not be funny to those not in attendance of the Spring 10 Latin American Experience).

-alganismal biology- Marc

-Jackie and Angie proclaiming the El Cope police station a public bathroom.

-the pointed lip gesture- Kuna for: hey how’s it goin?, what I don’t understand?, I’m going to kill you., You lookin fine tonight., or actually anything else you want it to mean. That’s the fun of it.

-the studios

-“What the hell are you eating? Is that a sandwich or some sort of **** **** empanada?”- Jose in reference to Ethan’s PB&J

-“What’s the difference between a siesta and a fiesta?”- Nancy

-Marc’s penguin joke

-“You’re flailing.”- Roger, Randy, w/e you want to call him

-Paul falling asleep on the bus with a banana in his pocket.

-Nancy and her Panamanian hot dog fetish (Bocas breakfast).

-our classy hostile in Bocas: complete with no windows, eight beds, and a removable floor board over the ocean

-Chad playing bananagrams and watching movies for two weeks straight when everyone decided they didn’t need his help anymore

-“I’m kind of a big deal here.”- Nancy

-15 passenger vans with 25 people on them

-long lost cousin Cara hanging out with us at the hospital in Panama City.

-Paul telling Macedonia “shut up and kiss me.”

-the allusive hot springs

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